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I have built a brand (, from concept to being recognized by glamourmoms all over the world.  It all began with a message that I wanted to convey in a logo to creating websites and promotional materials both in print and online, managing ad campaigns and photoshoots, directing design visuals and all aspects of marketing.


Staying connected and continue to deliver the brand message is vital and the opportunities in today’s online environment are only limited by your own imagination. I have many years of experience in social media paid advertisement campaigns, analytics, maintaining accounts and email newsletter platforms.  PR and editorials are the golden voice of a brand and I have collaborated with many bloggers and managed to get Glamourmom mentions in various national and international media including CBS News, Time Out Kids, People Magazine and OK! Weekly.

 In Touch

Showing up to personally connect is the key to staying in touch with your customers, but also essential for you to keep being in the loop with what is going on in the market place.  I have extensive experience in tradeshows, consumer events and managing sales team. My inspired original Glamourmom product design has been sold in over 650 stores worldwide.
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