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I created my company and brand Glamourmom  (, in year 2000 when I had my first daughter based on an idea and an invention of a Nursing Bra Tank Top for breastfeeding moms. 


With my baby came a whole new unexpected career.  I took it step by step, day by day and made it work while being a new mom.  In the beginning I walked the garment district in NYC with my daughter in a baby carrier to find small sample houses to create the first prototype, years later I was sitting in the same garment district in my new office on 34th Street and Madison Avenue on the 23rd floor overlooking the Manhattan skyline.  We had warehouses on two continents, a staff, a whole collection of nursing and maternity wear, a big marketing budget and moms who wore Glamourmom all over the world.  I was also at that point a mother of three young children. 

Over the years, I have managed to get through the challenges when they would arise and enjoyed the biggest UP of having the flexibility and freedom being in the driver’s seat as a business owner.    

The most significant strength I have learned through this fortunate ride has been to stay flexible, to know when to make a change/turn, to stay connected and to never dose off at the wheel.  

I have learned by doing, going and building first hand and always staying in tune with what works best, not only for the business, but also for how I want to live my life.  


I would love to connect with you and share my experience, so that you can create the future you see for yourself and your business.  

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